Every year the Lanarkshire Lieutenancy nominates a number of people to attend  His  Majesty the King’s Garden Party at the Palace of Holyroodhouse , Edinburgh .  The following poem has been written by Dougie Maxwell from  Uddingston  , who attended the Garden Party on 4th July 2023 along with his wife , Jess ,  and captures tremendously what was once again a memorable and special occasion .

Would you like to go?”> That’s what Brian said> For a moment I thought> He was off his head>> “To a garden party> The King will be there “> I stopped in my tracks> And gave him a stare>> I can’t believe this> “Is it really true? “> He knows that I would  love>To attend  the Royal do >> You can bring some friends> my eyes just lit up> Thinking that we all> Could get well dressed up>> My suit and my waistcoat> Their fascinators too> We’ll be all kitted out> for this fancy do>> The Champagne is ordered> it’s getting exciting> I’ve got my invitation> In well fancy writing>> It’s the day of the party> And the rain teaming down> We’ll keep on smiling> And never have a frown>> The bus arrives> We’re on our way> I’ve so  looked forward> To this magical day>> We arrived in a cloud> And showed our blue pass> We walked through the gates> And saw the green grass>> The grounds were amazing> The trees and the flowers> We took it all in> Between all the showers>> The food and the cakes> were second to none> Set out in military style> Every single one>> Umbrellas and ponchos> Under a marquee> Waiting and hoping> Maybe someone to see>  > It all just happened> Right out of nowhere> The King and the Queen> And everyone did stare>> We moved and we shuffled> To get a better view> Desperate to see them> But they never knew>> We get to a small space> And we’re so very close> I look maybe, he saw me> I did strike a pose> It was over in a second> or maybe a minute> But I was there that day> And I was really in it>  > Thank you Brian Miller DL> A magical dream came true. Once in a lifetime seeing the King the Queen up close and getting the privilege of walking through the palace grounds was unbelievable even in the rain one of my best days ever plus my friends think I’m a superstar .  Thanks so much .

Posted by Gavin Whitefield