A couple well known in the Carstairs community have celebrated 60 sparkling years together.

For Marion and Eric Ewart have marked their Diamond Wedding Anniversary with celebrations that included a visit from South Lanarkshire Provost Margaret Cooper and Deputy Lieutenant for Lanarkshire Millar Stoddart MBE DL.


Provost Cooper presented the couple with flowers, a special Provost’s bottle of whisky and a certificate on behalf of the council and Deputy  Lieutenant Millar  Stoddart  handed over a certificate to mark their achievement, while both were warmly welcomed into the home by Marion and Eric and their four children, Henry, Kenneth, Malcolm and Linda.


The pair met after Eric had returned from the army to Moffat, where he played football for Beattock. He had a friend in the team, Tommy Johnston, who was courting Jean, the daughter of the station master at Beattock Railway Station.


Eric would accompany Tommy when he visited Jean’s family home, Ivy Cottage, and in doing so he met Jean’s sister… Marion! Tommy later married Jean, becoming eventually known as Uncle Beeb to the family, and meanwhile Eric’s visits to Ivy Cottage became more frequent.


Marion moved to Carstairs Junction in 1960 after her dad passed away and her mum wanted to return to her roots, meaning that Marion would have to visit Eric one weekend and he would visit her the next.


The travelling came to an end when they married in Lanark two years later, setting up home in Carstairs village where they have lived in the same house for the past 54 years, with Eric working as a mechanic and Marion as caretaker of Carstairs Community Centre.


The pair loved going dancing and playing darts at the local Railway Club, and Eric followed his love of football and tennis from his schooldays with darts, bowls and snooker on a regular basis.


For a long period, he was also an avid golfer, playing five days-a-week, but now enjoys spending his time keeping his garden and car in good order… and watching Tipping Point!


Marion loves her weekly visits to get her hair done and seeing to the decoration around the house, and both adore coach holiday tours when they can manage them.


However, more than anything they love their visits from their children – and all the other family members who make up what are now four generations – all of whom agree that they were wonderful parents, providing a feeling of safety, guiding them through life and yet leaving them enough space to grow and develop independently.

Posted by Gavin Whitefield