Citizenship Ceremony – 11th October 2018

Pupils from Uddingston Grammar’s Photography class and Social Subjects department were given the opportunity to attend a Citizenship Ceremony at South Lanarkshire Headquarters.

The Citizenship Ceremony is about welcoming people who become British Citizens. The ceremony was conducted by Kirsty McMahon (Registrar) and Lisa Steele (Assistant Registrar) .Councillor  Ian McAllan South Lanarkshire Council Provost and Abdul Abid Deputy  Lieutenant welcomed everyone who attended, the registrar’s spoke to the citizens about what it’s like to be a part of Britain’s society and how it’s a free country – within the law. After that they asked the people who wanted to be citizens of Britain to stand up and say an oath, their families said the oath with them. Everyone in attendance then sung the national anthem. To finish the ceremony, the new British Citizens were then presented with a certificate and a gift to represent their new status in society. Pupils who attended from Uddingston Grammar found the overall experience moving and interesting .

This update was prepared by the Uddingston Grammar Pupils who attended the ceremony .

Posted by Gavin Whitefield