Lanark Lanimer Celebrations 2018

Lord Lieutenant Lady Haughey CBE was delighted and honoured to attend this year’s Lanark Lanimer Day Celebrations on Thursday 7th Jun and to take the salute at the end of what was a very memorable day ./
Deputy Lieutenant Millar Stoddart had represented the Lieutenancy earlier in the week’s programme and along with the Lord Lieutenant very much enjoyed seeing the amazing community spirit which was so evident throughout the celebrations reflecting the massive commitment and hard work of everyone involved not just in the period immediately leading up to Lanimer Week but throughout the year .
The Lord Lieutenant would wish to congratulate and thank the Lanimer Committee for all their hard work and wish them continued success in their future endeavours .
The photo shows the Lord Lieutenant along with the Provost of South Lanarkshire Council – Ian McAllan and Lanimer Committee Chairman John Dickman at the start of the Lanimer Morning Parade .

Posted by Gavin Whitefield